17 Things Your Budgie Hates The Most!

Budgies interact with us in many different ways and we need to understand what makes them tick if we want to keep them happy and healthy. It’s not always easy to know how our birds are feeling – but looking at the things they love most will reveal a lot about their personalities. If you want to know more about your budgie and how he thinks, here are 12 things your budgie hates the most:

1) Lack of attention from its owner

2) Being ignored by other people in the household

3) Not being able to fly around freely

4) When a new person comes into its sight or near it. Especially if that person is a stranger!

5) Loud noises – Some owners don’t realize that these birds can hear as well as they do. Also, sudden loud sounds can scare them. 

6) Having their wings clipped too short – While this is necessary for some birds who may be escape artists, it’s not something everyone needs to do. In fact, it’s good to leave at least some flight feathers so they can take short flights if they want.

7) Stress – Budgies are very perceptive when it comes to picking up on stress in the household. When you’re worried or tense, they’ll know about it and act out in their own way.

8) Not having enough fun things to do when they are out of their cage

9) Being teased by other pets in the house 

10) Being left alone for too long without access to their human flock (owners). This is especially difficult for budgies who like spending time with people.

11) Not enough toys or distractions inside of their cage (This goes along with number 6 above.) Many owners do not realize that the cage isn’t all that is needed to keep their pet happy. They need toys, things to play with and places to explore – just like most birds do.

12) Being yelled at or shocked by its owner, especially without warning.

13 – Noisy Stuff:

things like squeaky toys, or music can make your budgie stressed.

14 – Being Touched By Humans:

Birds do not like to be touched by humans because they feel you are trying to capture them and then kill them.. it makes your budgies trust of humans go down which can end up with them being very mean.

15 – Too Bright Lights Or Flashy Things:

Budgies do not like bright lights that flash red, orange or green. They will hate these things if their owners own a lava lamp or a disco ball for example. Also bright colours such as yellow and blue also bother birds so don’t use those as the main colours in a room where your budgie is.

16 – Being In A Small Cage:

Budgies need a roomy cage so they can have some space from each other and from humans who will try to pick them up.. it’s better for them if you have two or three budgies because then they won’t be lonely.

The minimum sized cage should be about 10 inches by 12 inches by 18 inches high, but bigger than that would be much better. Plastic mesh-based cages are best because wooden ones can hurt your birds feet, and wire ones may hurt their wings.. well unless you cover the whole thing in cloth/blankets etc. to soften the blow of having little bars everywhere!

17 – Cramped Environments :

Make sure you budgie has enough space to fly and play. The best way is to let them out of their cage for one or two hours everyday, but make sure they can not get out of your house by mistake (duh!) and that they cannot hurt themselves in any way when they are flying around. Budgies can die if their head gets stuck under something like a chair, table etc…

Budgies don’t like to be sprayed with water. If you want to clean them, spray the towel first and wipe them afterwards.

Also, they don’t like having their food and water dish sanitized with bleach. Do not put any sanitizers near their food, as it will kill them! Don’t use Windex either since it contains ammonia which is poisonous to birds. You can get a special product for cleaning glasses that bird lovers use called Vinegar & Water Spray . This way you won’t have to worry about the ammonia in many cleaners!

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