Can Hamsters Eat potatoes?

Can Hamsters Eat potatoes? Best Foods For Hamster

One of the more interesting topics I’ve seen is what you can feed your hamster. A lot of people are always asking themselves whether or not they should give their hamster a new food, or even just to figure out what you can feed them. Well relax, because I have collected everything that you need to know about it!

First off, there are some things that are ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED for your hamster to eat. These things include:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Salty/Sugary Foods

These foods are simply too rich and fatty for an animal as small as a hamster. From contact with substances, they can get sick or even die.

Now you might be wondering, “Well what CAN I feed them?” Great question! Most things are good for your hamster to eat. These include:

  • Oatmeal
  • Whole Grain Pasta
  • Rice-A-Roni or similar boxed rice mix
  • Nuts(unsalted) *BEWARE OF CHOKING HAZARDS*

There are also some other things that are good to give them as treats every now and then, but do NOT make a staple of their diet. These items include:

  • Popcorn(without salt) *BEWARE OF CHOKING HAZARDS*
  • Cooked Egg

There were a lot of things on here that you can feed your hamster, but if you see something that’s not under the “Good Food” list, don’t think it’ll kill them to eat it. Just know that they probably won’t be as likely to eat those things as healthy food.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hamsters Food

Can hamsters eat fruit?


Yes, hamsters can eat certain fruits. Some good examples are grapes and apples. As long as you don’t give them too much at once, they should be fine to have a slice or two of apple or grape every now and then. Just remember that these are the ONLY kind of fruits I would recommend for your hamster to have. Stay away from bananas, oranges, strawberries, etc… These are either too sugary or have other substances in them that shouldn’t be given to your hamster.

Can my hamster eat bread?

Depending on what kind of bread it is will affect whether your hamster can have it or not. Since bread has yeast in it, it is good to give your hamster once in a while. Whole grain breads are the best since they have more nutrients than white bread. If you must feed them white bread, then try to limit how much of it they eat daily.

Can I feed my hamster cheese?

Yes, but only certain kinds. Plain cheeses like ricotta and cream cheese are okay for them to have every now and then. Stay away from flavored or strong cheeses since these can upset their stomach or be bad for their teeth. It’s not good if your hamster has too much dairy so don’t make it an everyday thing for them either.

Can my ham eat eggs?

As long as the eggs are cooked, then yes your hamster can have eggs. Plain scrambled eggs are fine for them to eat because it is easy on their stomach and doesn’t upset it.

Can my hammy eat chocolate?

Chocolate is not good for your pet so don’t ever let them eat any of it. This includes chocolates with nuts in them as well. Chocolate can kill your hamster(along with other pets) if they eat too much of it!

Can my hamster drink milk?

Feeding your hamster milk can be okay if you limit how much they drink per day and give them the right kind of milk. The best type for to drink is lactose-free milk. If you have to give them normal cows milk, then only let them drink a small amount of it if they need it for energy since it has natural sugars in it.

Can I feed my hamster ice cream?

Ice cream can be good for your hamster in moderation because the fat and sugar are not much of an issue for them. Just don’t let your pet eat too much or else they will get sick!

My hammy is throwing up. What do I do?

Your hamster might throw up when their stomach doesn’t feel well or when there’s something wrong with their food. It could also be something that they ate even though it was on this list, so make sure to look at the list again and see if there was something on it your hammy shouldn’t eat. If their stomach is upset, then the best thing I would do is feed them oatmeal since that will help with their stomach acid.

My pet ate something that’s not on this list! Is he going to be okay?

It doesn’t matter what it is your hamster ate, they should definitely get sick after eating some things. I would go over the list again and make sure you didn’t miss anything or it could be possible that they ate more than one bad item which made them sick. Since there are so many items on here, chances are you might have missed a few good foods that aren’t supposed to be eaten.