how big do maltipoo puppies get?

How big do Maltipoo puppies get?

 I’m often asked, “how big do Maltipoo puppies get?” That is a great question. Maltipoos are mixes of toy and miniature poodles (or Maltese) with poodle-poo (Maltese/poodle cross). 

Maltipoos are both adorable and popular. A Maltipoo puppy can make the perfect new family member for your home! A fully grown Maltipoo is generally 10 to 17 inches tall at the shoulder, usually between 6 to 8 pounds in weight, though they can weigh up to 30 pounds or more if their parents were particularly large dogs

You might be wondering what you need to know about caring for your new dog. Maltipoos tend to be healthy and hardy, and there is nothing specific you need to do to make them healthy. However, Maltipoos can inherit genetic conditions from their parents, so it’s important for new owners to know what health issues to look out for in Maltipoo’s.

Is your Maltipoo shedding a lot?

When it comes to inherited diseases that maltipoos might experience during their lifespan, this list includes.

Liver shunt – a condition when the liver fails to work correctly due to abnormal blood flow around the liver. ·     

Lupus – an autoimmune disease where a dog’s body attacks its own tissues because it wrongly identifies them as foreign invaders. For more information about these health problems, visit your vet.

How Big Do Maltipoo Puppies Get?


Miniature poodle adult weight at maturity can range from 8-13 pounds, with an average of 10 pounds. The smallest recorded was only 4 pounds, while the largest reached 28 pounds (American Kennel Club). 

New owners should also know the basics in caring for a puppy. How to feed them, when and what kind of food to use; how much water dogs need per day; their exercise requirements; and when they should go back to the vet for a checkup.

Do Maltipoo Dogs Shed?

Yes, Maltipoos shed. A lot of people think that miniature dogs don’t shed but the truth is that their fur just doesn’t fall off like bigger dogs. If you love dog hair on your clothes and furniture then a mini or toy dog will be right up your alley!

Some males can grow larger than some females due to hormones; however, this isn’t common in the breed.

Are Toy Poodles Good Family Dogs?

Yes, Miniature poodle was bred as a working dog to be an excellent companion, playmate, and family member.

How Are Toy Poodles with Kids?

The toy poodle is great with kids however it depends on the individual dog’s temperaments more than anything else. If you are bringing home a puppy for your child then keep in mind that they may not show their true personality until they’re around 2 years old (and some even longer). 

Does a Maltese Poo Bite?

A lot of people think that Maltipoo bites but it doesn’t. However, if you have been bitten by one then you need to understand that the Maltese breed has very sharp teeth. 

Are Maltipoos Hypoallergenic?

Maltipoos are not hypoallergenic because they shed too!

How Do You Stop Your Dog from Shedding?

You can’t really stop your dog from shedding; you can only reduce the amount of hair that sheds around your home, but there is no way to completely prevent them from doing so.

What Toys do Maltese Poodles Like the Most?

It varies depending on the dog but they tend to like squeaky ones most of all!

Are Miniature Poodles Smart Dogs?

Very smart dogs, especially for their size!

Is a Toy or Miniature Poodle Better for Apartment Living?

This really depends on the individual dog and not the breed itself. Most toy poodles tend to be more active indoors while miniature poodle are more laid back. However, there are some small mini poodles that can get super hyper but they’re usually few and far between!

What do you need to know about Maltipoo?

The Maltipoo is a designer dog that is hypoallergenic, making it a good pet for people with allergies.  It has a very distinctive appearance due to its long coat, short body, and curled tail. While this hybrid may make a great pet, you should know some of the drawbacks of owning one before you commit yourself to get one.

When it comes to grooming, this mixed dog will need a lot of work. You’ll need to brush and comb it regularly and bathe it on occasion to keep its fur looking good. Maltipoos aren’t for new dog owners because they can be very difficult to train.

Like morkies, Maltipoo dogs may also be hard on furniture (and on you) due their high energy level. They can get bored easily but there is no way of stopping them from playing around inside the house so getting a decent supply of toys for them would help alleviate boredom and destructive behaviors;

What you should know about Maltese Poodle mix: The pros of owning one. This hybrid is quite popular and many people like the fact that they’re hypoallergenic, making them great pets for people who are looking for allergy relief;

If you love dogs that look cute and cuddly then this is definitely one to get.     

Maltipoos don’t shed too much (unlike other hybrids) so you can enjoy their companionship without getting their hair on your clothes and furniture; What some may not know about Maltipoo dogs. This hybrid dog can be very difficult to train.      

They can get bored easily so when indoors, they tend to chew household objects or play around with toys. You’ll need a lot of patience if you want to train them well.

Maltipoos don’t make good watchdogs; they tend to like everybody they meet. Some of them may even become shy and skittish around strangers.

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