How Fast Can a Chihuahua Run?

A question that is often asked by dog lovers everywhere. The simple answer to this question is up to 30 miles per hour, but the average speed for a Chihuahua while running might be somewhere around 9 miles per hour.

Before we can get into how fast a Chihuahua can run, let’s discuss the different types of dogs and their speeds in general. There are about seven different breeds of dogs considered ‘speed demons’. These breeds top out at over 35 miles per hour and include Greyhounds, whippets, salukis and other sighthound breeds like Afghan Hounds and Italian greyhounds.

So how fast can a Chihuahua run?

While Chihuahuas are not in the speed demon category of dogs, they are in the ‘high endurance’ group. This group includes breeds that can run at high speeds for short distances. These breeds include most terriers, Australian shepherds and many sheepherding breeds.

Now back to our question of how fast can a Chihuahua run? A chihuahua’s top running speed is about 30 miles per hour but their average or normal running speed would be around 9 or 10 miles per hour. In other words, if you go out to your backyard and see your Chihuahua take off after a bird, he might sprint as fast as he possibly could for about 1/4th of a second. But if he was to chase the bird for a mile, his average speed would be about 9 MPH.

So now that you know how fast can a Chihuahua run, are you wondering what the point is? What does it matter how fast your dog can run? He doesn’t need to sprint at top speeds very often so why does it matter?

There are many reasons why knowing how fast your dog can run is important. One is that knowing their running abilities can improve your training methods. For example, if you have an agility course set up in your backyard and want your dog to navigate through all of the obstacles as quickly as possible, it’s helpful to know which obstacle causes them the most fatigue and where their ‘peak performance’ time occurs.

Another reason knowing how fast they can run is important is because healthy, happy dogs are a joy to be around and a long-distance runner is a tired dog.

If you want your Chihuahua to live a long and healthy life, keeping him from running excessively will reduce his risk of joint injuries and other problems that occur with extended periods of exercise. So now that you know how fast can a Chihuahua run, keep in mind their limits so you can provide for them the best possible care!

How to train a chihuahua for running?

Chihuahuas are very energetic and they need a lot of exercises. One of the best ways to do this is by running with them because chihuahua loves it so much. But before you decide to run with your Chihuahua, it’s important to know his limits first.

30 tips to train a chihuahua for running:

1. Be patient and be consistent. Remember that you need to do things slowly without forcing them if they don’t want to run yet. But as soon as your Chihuahua is willing to go with you, it’s time for you to start training them on how to run properly.

2. Prepare their gear first before taking them out on a long-distance run such as the harness, leash, and dog booties for paws protection from hot surfaces or prickly plants when running in the wild areas where chillis are present in abundance.

Also, prepare some water for yourself and for your chihuahua so you can rest during your run when needed plus bring some extra water just in case the weather gets too hot during summertime.

3. Start first with a short distance run of about 3 miles or 5 kilometers and if your chihuahua is still willing to continue, then increase the distance by 1 mile per week until you can run about 10 miles per day without any problems.

4. If it’s wintertime where you live, make sure that you’re running in an area where they won’t be exposed too much to cold weather like heavy snowfall or icy surfaces plus better don some extra clothes before taking them out for their daily exercises.

They might not be very cooperative when wearing boots on their paws but this will protect them from cuts, bruises and injuries caused by sharp objects hidden underneath the snow which they might step upon unknowingly during their run.

5. Bring some treats for them as a reward every now and then plus do stop now and then to give them some time to rest, hydrate themselves and just enjoy the scenery.

6. If your chihuahua is still hesitant about running with you, don’t force them to go with you by dragging or carrying them because this might create further problems caused by resentment and stubbornness so it’s better to show them that running together can be fun! You can also try taking them out on their daily walk and take different paths each day so they won’t feel bored and will look forward to going out with you everyday even if it means putting up with those boots which you know they hate wearing.

7. Use verbal commands such as ‘lets go’ or ‘to the trails’ to get them ready on your run and use a whistle or make a different sound to call their attention when you’re already running.

8. Remember that they need their rest just like we do so don’t force them too much if they refuse to continue. Training them can be very exhausting for both of you, so better take it easy and not push yourself and your dog beyond their limits.

9. Work out with your Chihuahua at least 3 times weekly but try running in different areas every week so you won’t feel bored too and they won’t sense any pattern in your daily workouts together. For example, you can always alternate between running in the park, on the sidewalks and on the road every week.

10. Prepare them for your running sessions by using a word like ‘lets go’ to get them raring and ready to follow you and once they’ve become used to this word, then gradually use it as a command or signal before taking off and let them learn how to run beside you without any difficulties.

Keep in mind that chihuahuas might be small but they’re very intelligent! Dogs are fast runners too! Do try not to leave your Chihuahua behind because dogs can also feel very lonely when left alone plus they will also resort to chewing up objects around the house if they’re bored out of their wits so better give them some attention and company before leaving the house every day.

11. To keep them safe and sound during your runs make sure to take along a small walking stick to use as a shepherd’s hook in case you meet other dogs on the way plus it will also allow you to pick up any items or garbage which they might step upon unknowingly such as broken glass, sharp objects and prickly plants as mentioned earlier.

12. Make sure that you give them time to rest after your workout routine because chihuahuas are very susceptible to heatstroke just like toddlers so better watch out for symptoms of possible heatstroke such as heavy panting, dark red gums and tongue, rapid pulse and lethargy and if ever encountered by these symptoms, then bring them immediately inside the house and immerse them in a tub of cold water to lower their body temperature plus apply ice packs on the stomach and groin areas.

13. To prevent further injury from occurring, make sure that you do not run too fast or too far since chihuahuas are very prone to joint problems which they might contract if forced into going on long runs because infants and small breeds can already be affected by joint problems as early as 4 months old so try sticking with short distances for now until your Chihuahua is fully grown.

You can also ask your vet how many miles a day would be appropriate for your chihuahua’s age and weight before you begin running together.

14. always keep an eye out for any symptoms of injuries caused by your dog’s nails getting stuck in the ground every time you run together plus also check if their paws are free from any cuts or wounds before allowing them to go on a run with you

15. If your Chihuahua has been subjected to obesity for some time, then you might want to begin clocking in some mileage slowly by reserving short jogs up until he/she becomes accustomed to running long distances with you.

You can jog slowly by his side at first and let him set the pace then gradually increase it over time once they’ve gotten used to the idea of going out for a run. Also try varying your routes and terrain as much as possible so that it would be more exciting and for both of you which will also prevent any chance of boredom from setting in.

16. If your Chihuahua seems to be getting exhausted too quickly after the first few runs together, then try increasing their calorie intake so they can have enough energy to go on a run with you but take note that you don’t want them to become obese or overweight just because you’re feeding them more than usual.

You can consult a vet about what specific type and quality of food would be best for your chihuahua’s diet.

17. if possible, always have water available while going out for a run every day because both humans and dogs need lots of it when they’re running long distances plus it will also keep your Chihuahuas teeth healthy by washing away plaque and food particles stuck in their teeth after every meal.

You can also take along water bottles when you go jogging together to make it easier for your chihuahua to drink without straining themselves too much

18. After the run, always check on your Chihuahua’s paws and mouth in case they might have stepped onto broken glass, sharp objects or prickly plants plus always cleanse their paws with water and make sure they don’t lick themselves afterwards since some sticks and leaves might irritate the stomach.

Joint Problems

19. Chihuahuas are very prone to joint problems so make sure you take them for regular checkups with your vet because any sudden injuries, arthritis, muscle strains, limps, soreness and pain are all symptoms of possible injury so it is best to have them checked right away for possible treatment options.

No Long Run

20. Chihuahuas are small dogs with even smaller organs so they can get tired very quickly if forced into running long distances because their breathing rate is also pretty low compared to bigger dog breeds which means that their stamina levels are quite low too.

Go outside with Chihuahua

21. Chihuahuas are also prone to heatstroke because of their size which means you should never take them out for a run if it’s hot outside or if they haven’t had any time to acclimatize themselves in the open air plus always make sure to bring lots of water with you when going jogging with them everyday.

22. Chihuahuas might have a small stature but they are a lot tougher than it looks so if your baby is already more than 5 years old and isn’t overweight, there’s nothing wrong with allowing him/her to go on short runs together with you especially if he/she seems to be bored or depressed because you spend so much time away at work.

Poop Bags

23. Always make sure to bring along poop bags with you every time you go out for a run in case your Chihuahua makes a mess while running but also always consider picking up after them since leaving their droppings behind will only cause sanitation problems and might lead to illnesses in the future.

Take Care about Health

24. If your Chihuahua seems to be having trouble breathing, limping, or walking after a run, take him/her to the vet immediately because it might indicate that they’ve sprained an ankle or strained their muscles plus don’t ever ether them or force them into running if they’re clearly exhausted because that might only make the entire situation worse instead of better.

Chihuahua Treats

25. Bring treats with you when you go out for a run to reward your Chihuahua’s good behavior and motivate him/her to keep trying their best plus it will also help them gain some energy after an exhausting workout.

No Running Gear!

26. You don’t need any expensive doggy running gear to take your Chihuahua for a jog because simple t-shirts or any other clothes you wear around the house are sufficient enough but keep in mind that they should never wear anything too tight since it will only cut off their blood circulation plus always bring an extra change of clothes with you just in case.

Take Them to Vet

27. If your Chihuahua starts to limp, falls down constantly or acts strange for no apparent reason after going for a run, take them to the vet immediately because they might have a sprained ankle which can be treated if it is found early enough plus always stop jogging with your Chihuahua if he/she’s constantly panting and feeling exhausted because it can lead to dehydration which might result in more serious health problems later on.

Resting Pads

28. Chihuahuas are very fragile animals so always make sure you provide them with lots of comfortable resting pads when they’re not sleeping at night plus always keep your house clean and free from clutter because their small stature makes it easier for them to accidentally step on stuff and injure their tiny paws.

Keep them in Relaxed Area

29. Chihuahuas can also get stressed very easily so always keep them in a relaxed and calm state and don’t ever leave them alone for too long because you never know what kind of things might trigger their anxiety levels plus always provide your dog with enough toys to play with so they feel entertained whenever you’re not at home.

Do not leave them Alone

30. Chihuahuas are incredibly smart dogs which means that they will definitely get bored if left alone at home all day because it can lead to depression or even aggressive outbursts so always make sure to take them outside for a jogging session every single day plus don’t ever use harsh commands when training your Chihuahua because it will only make them upset and confused.

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